Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2017

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Self Marketing

Self Marketing in the International Art Scene
Self-marketing means knowing your work and communicating it: what makes it special, why buy? We will deal with the dos/don’ts of formal sales and informal networking situations, money talk and negotiation, as well as different cultures and communication styles.

How do you present yourself and your work without sounding self-satisfied, pretentious or insecure? What role do different communication styles and values play if the gallery owner, the art collector, or the curator you are speaking with is from another culture? What is your art about and what is special about it? Why should people want to see it, buy it or show it to others? And why should they pay as much for it as you would like to get?

As visual artists, your preferred medium of expression is your art, but sometimes you cannot let it speak for itself - you have to talk about it, too.

In this seminar, we will work on getting the message across in words as well as on your negotiation and intercultural communication skills.

18. Mai 2017 um 12:55 Uhr
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