Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2017

Summer Courses
Creative Interpreneuship and Arts Management

Starting and Leading your own Successful Creative Business
Working with the tried and tested "Creative Enterprise Toolkit" by the British innovation body NESTA, this practical four-day course helps creative minds to plan, shape, communicate, launch, and lead their new creative business. It is also suitable for freelancers and practitioners who wish to renew their existing creative business with fresh energy, ideas and entrepreneurial skills.

Leadership for Innovation. Creating Change in Organizations
This three-day workshop shows participants strategies and tools for creative leadership and post-hierarchical management. We will explore the structures, processes and mindsets that can be established or changed to built organizational cultures that sustain continuous innovation.

Art and Money. Fundraising Concepts and Practice for Artists and Institutions
This workshop provides artists and creative minds access to the most relevant fundraising concepts and strategies. It includes concrete examples of modern fundraising practice, case studies and exercises.

Financing & Touring Performing Art Projects
This three day course on cultural funding in Germany includes application writing, project calculation, networking, conversation exercise and touring of work. It is designed for young or emerging artists, managers and producers in the field of performing arts.

Curating Sound Art - Exhibiting the Auditive
The workshop conveys substantial knowledge for the curatorial practice of this exceptional art form handling the history of sound art and various positions within it, the role of the technology as well as common issues regarding realisation and presentation of sound art.

18. Mai 2017 um 12:48 Uhr
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