Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2017

Summer Courses

EGO - Visual Identity for Artists
As an artist you need to represent yourself and your work occasionally. In this three-day workshop you will learn about the basic elements of visual identity and how to use them. You will study and discuss contemporary examples of visual identities and develop your unique and distinctive identity.

'Streit' as a Design Method
"Streit" (conflict/dissent/dispute) is often perceived to be a threat, a destructive force that shouldn’t be unleashed. This workshop explores a different understanding of this term as we try to study its creative potential in graphic design. The goal is to generate visual languages, whose structure will be based on the core principles of "Streit".

Exhibition Structure - Structure in Exhibition
Structures of exhibitions emerge on different levels, including architecture, graphic-, spacial- and media-design plus planning and organisation. The workshop highlights various aspects of exhibition design, which interlock and presuppose each other. The spectrum of theses aspects range from conceptual preliminary considerations to details within design realisation, such as surface and materiality. The 3-day-workshop focusses on this framework, but also covers thematic exhibition visits including guided tours as well as practical tasks.

CUT//ACT: Video (and) Activism
Have you ever wondered how media has changed over time, and how "video" has been used as a political tool? In this course, you will learn both, not least by producing an activist video yourself! You may improve your knowledge/skills regarding media theory, media activism, design research and the use of audiovisual tools.

Stereoscopic Etudes
This course will investigate exemplary strategies of stereo 3D image making as artistic expression. We will realise this by exploring practical excercises of making and spectating.

18. Mai 2017 um 12:39 Uhr
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